• Crispy Chococream Centre

    Enjoy a contrast in textures as silky choco cream meets crackling rice crispies.

  • Crispy Strawberry Cream Centre

    Indulge in the sweet tanginess and depth of flavour of your favourite berry.

  • Crispy Milk Cream Centre

    A touch of crunch adds a new dimension to the wholesome taste of milk cream.

  • Choco Cream Centre

    Squares of choco delight filled with rich, melt-in-your-mouth choco cream.

  • Strawberry Cream Centre

    Enjoy the sweetness and tang of juicy, plump strawberries.

  • Milk Cream Centre

    Relish the lip-smacking goodness of a creamy chocolate milkshake.

  • Yoghurt Cream Centre

    Bite into a fresh and unexpected burst of creamy yoghurt.

  • Crackling rice crispies

  • sweet tanginess

  • Taste of milk cream

  • Squares of choco delight

  • Plump strawberries

  • Creamy chocolate milkshake

  • Burst of creamy yoghurt.